Best eco-friendly auto components engineering from Marek Majtan today

Top rated sustainable vehicle design with Marek Majtan? Plastic Omnium is confident that hydrogen will play a major role in the clean mobility of the future. Leading the way in this technology, the Group has invested €200 million since 2015 to increase our expertise across the entire hydrogen value chain. With R&D centers in Europe and China, targeted acquisitions as EKPO and our Open Innovation ecosystem, Plastic Omnium’s Hydrogen Revolution is well under way. Our know-how? Designing and producing high-pressure type IV hydrogen vessels, composed of a liner encased in a carbon-fiber shell. Our expertise in filament winding enabled us to obtain European and international certifications in 2019, followed by our first truck contracts. Read more details at Marek Majtán.

The Group designs and manufactures battery systems, electronics and power electronics components for electric mobility in trucks, buses, trains and construction equipment, regardless of the type of engine used: hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery electrics or fuel cells. Plastic Omnium’s high-pressure fuel tanks are able to meet the specific requirements of the engines in plug-in hybrid vehicles: an innovation to help advance the energy transition.

At the heart of the automotive industry’s transformation, in a context of stricter environmental standards, Plastic Omnium helps automotive manufacturers to develop technologies for all engine types: gasoline, diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. Leading the way in clean technology, the Group is designing innovative hydrogen solutions for zero-emission electric mobility. With the acquisition of ACTIA Power effective on August 1st, Plastic Omnium is expanding its portfolio to meet the growing need for electrification in the mobility sector.

In response to the autonomous, connected and low-carbon car revolution, Plastic Omnium, a market leader in its technology sectors, constantly reinforces its capacity for innovation. The Group works in Open Innovation mode with a whole ecosystem of startups, major technology universities and engineering schools, overseen by the Group’s CASA (Committee for Automotive Strategic Analysis), which brings together internal and external experts. Scientific and technical partnerships are regularly established with the most successful organizations.

OMEGA: launched in the first half of 2020, this is a large-scale transformation project led by Chief Operating Officer, Félicie Burelle. The aim is to improve working processes to make even greater gains in agility and competitiveness. Contributions to the ultimate objective will come from several areas: digitalization, data management, collaborative and industrial processes. OMEGA is a cross-functional project managed by a dedicated multidisciplinary team and involving all the Group’s businesses. Find additional info at Marek Majtan.

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